Your Say – Independent Advocacy service working with and supporting vulnerable adults

Independent Advocacy

Your Say Advocates work directly with individuals to provide them with a greater voice in their lives ….find out more here

Lay Advocate /Intermediary in the Family Court

Your Say Advocacy provides specialist support to parents who need support to engage with Family Law proceedings in respect of their children ….find out more here

Working with vulnerable parents

Your Say has significant experience of working to support vulnerable parents….find out more here

Paid Rep/Litigation Friend

Your Say provides a Paid Rep service to those who have their liberty restricted under the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards …find out more here

Group work

Your Say is able to work with groups whop have a shared or common purpose in coming together ….find out more here

Person Centred Planning

Your Say can work with individuals and teams to develop meaningful Person Centred Plans….find out more here


Your Say are happy to work with Commissioners or Provider agencies to explore and evaluate the services provided to vulnerable people ….find out more here