Making a Referral

Your Say is a paid advocacy service and therefore funding needs to be secured in order for referrals to be accepted. However, we are happy to receive enquiries and referrals from anyone – and where necessary we can support individuals to seek funding for the service they require.

Your Say is able to work with vulnerable adults and we are happy to discuss individual situations and advise if advocacy is appropriate or signpost you to more appropriate alternatives.

Your Say holds a number of Block Contracts which enable individuals and agencies to refer in the knowledge that funding is already secured. Your Say are happy to talk to any organisation or Local Authority who wishes to discuss how this may work for them.

To make a referral please download and complete the referral form and email to


All 1:1 Advocacy support is charged at £35 per hour plus VAT and mileage at 45 pence a mile.

Group work is charged at £45 per hour plus VAT and mileage at 45 pence a mile.

* the nature of our work means that Advocates are often required to travel considerable distances and so where the travel time exceeds 1 hour( one way) a charge of £10 per hour is made to the basic Advocacy cost and is subject to VAT*

Evaluations start from £350 plus VAT – but you need to discuss your specific needs with us to determine a cost.

PCP start from £350 plus VAT