Group Work
“Your Say” is able to work with groups who have a shared or common purpose in coming together.

  • This may represent “House Meetings” in Residential settings, “Tenants Meetings” for those in supported living settings, “Service User or Student Council” groups for those receiving day care services or groups drawn together to explore specific issues.

  • The advocate works with the groups in a facilitating role – to support the group to understand the function and potential of their group and to assist in some of the practical elements of the work they are undertaking.

  • The advocates role is one which can and should be where ever possible a diminishing relationship as the group become more self-directive.

  • Forums or meetings occur in line with the groups and or commissioners needs and vary in frequency from weekly to quarterly, lasting from 1 hour to ½ a day.

  • The “Your Say” office work to ensure that all information from and for meetings in presented in an accessible manner suited to the needs of the group.