Aims, Principles & Values

Your Say – Aims

  • To provide a specialist advocacy service for vulnerable adults.
  • To assist and support individuals to have their say about the issues which affect their lives.
  • To ensure that the wishes and needs of individuals are represented in a manner which is most effective for them.
  • To provide individuals with a voice and/or support to ensure that all relevant people hear them.
  • To work directly with individuals and groups to advise and inform service providers about the services they receive.
  • To work alongside individuals to understand that not all wishes can be fulfilled and to understand the consequences of actions and behaviours which affect their lives.

Your Say – Principles & Values

  • Your Say is a professional advocacy service for vulnerable people. This set of principles outlines the basis on which the service operates and is managed and presents the underpinning values which inform our practice.


  • Your Say offers a professional advocacy service. Advocates are paid by Your Say and are drawn from a range of professional backgrounds including Social Work, Counselling and Housing.
  • The professional nature of Your Say ensures that we are able to provide Advocates skilled and trained in working with vulnerable adults and that we are able to match individual needs to the skills of Advocates.
  • The professional nature of our service also ensures continuity of service to individuals and commissioners alike.


  • Your Say provides a professional advocacy service which is able to maintain its independence from service providers and commissioners and which works to ensure there is no conflict of interest which could threaten the relationship between the service users and the advocates.

Confidentiality & Trust

  • Your Say advocates work with service users to develop a relationship based on trust and respect.
  • Advocacy relationships will all be individual and will reflect the specific requirements of each relationship and contract.
  • Confidentiality will be maintained within each advocacy relationship except where it is considered that there is a significant risk of harm to the individual or others – and all new service users will be advised of the nature of supervision from Your Say.

Diversity of needs and roles

  • Your Say believes that Advocacy can be represented not just in 1:1 relationships but also through a range of other services which increase the voices of individuals and groups with learning disabilities.
  • Your Say will strive to ensure that creative advocacy responses are found to meet the needs of all service users who need support to be heard in order to positively enhance the lives of people with learning disabilities.


  • Your Say is a professional and managed service which works to agreed principles and under the direction of a manager.
  • The advocates who work for Your Say do so under a contract of agreement and receive training, support and supervision through the Your Say service.
  • The manager of Your Say manages and allocates new advocacy work according to the needs of the individual or group and all new referrals are received through the Your Say office.