Your Say Advocates work directly with individuals to provide them with a greater voice in their lives. In a 1:1 advocacy relationship the advocate can work on a number of levels….

  • By supporting an individual to determine the issues they wish to resolve and the process for doing so and then by acting to provide support for the individual to take the lead in the resolution of the issues.

  • In a similar manner the advocate may support the individual to determine the problem or issue but may then at the individuals request speak up on their behalf in order to seek resolution.

  • For those individuals with more complex needs and or communication difficulties – we can provide an advocate who is able to be alongside individuals in order to achieve an understanding of another’s experiences in order to provide a voice for individuals based on the premise of best interest and inclusive lives. This is called Not Instructed Advocacy (NIA)

  • The Your Say team are skilled at working in 1:1 advocacy relationships and at all times work to ensure that our interventions are task centred and do not create dependency.

  • Your Say holds a number of block contracts to provide advocacy but where a referal falls outside of these contracts a fee of £35 plus VAT per hour, plus travel and mileage will be charged